Fix for a Bleeding Heart (On Debian 7)

CVE-2014-0160 or as it’s popularly known (as of today) Bleeding Heart is a problem with versions of SSL between 1.0.1 up to 1.0.1f that revolves around the improper handling of Heartbeat Extension packets.  Long story short: someone could get their hands on your secure keys if it’s left exploitable.  Long story available at and So what to do!  If you’re on Debian update your repositories (generally “sudo apt-get update”) then update openssl with “apt-get install openssl”.  After that you may want to run Read More +

Re-Use Your Scale from

You’ve got a scale. But you’re no longer using their service. Maybe it didn’t agree with you. maybe you decided peeling stamps wasn’t enough time wasted to pay for their service. Maybe you realized it didn’t have any support what-so-ever on your Linux system. Whichever the case may be you can now re-use that scale you purchased for the service. It’s a USB-HID compliant device and erjiang decided to make a quick C program to grab the current weight on the scale and return Read More +

4 Year Anniversary Party

Join us @ NESIT to celebrate our 4th year of operation! We will be having food,drinks, games, a raffle and small demos. Later in the evening we will be holding our monthly LAN Party. Saturday, April 19th 2pm-2am Free and open to the public. Come by and check us out!

STN1110 for OBD2 Car Read-Out

At NESIT we’re currently up to all sorts of electronics shenanigans. A few days ago the subject of OBDII car interface readers came up and I recalled an alternative to the popular ELM327 (or clone) readers. It was suggested that if we purchased a few DIP28 (the big one, above) STN1110 chips (available from OBD Solutions) we could whip up a development breadboard with them. So what will they do? Provide read-outs from the OBD2 port on most modern automobiles! Over a variety of interfaces Read More +

F*#$ It, Print It!

I recently picked up an Ubertooth One, which is an open source 2.4 GHz wireless development platform typically used for Bluetooth experimentation - for more details.  I knew upon ordering an assembled version that they come as-is which means no case.  It is just an open circuit board with an antenna and USB plug. This eventually starts to irk me so I decided to hunt for something I could print at NESIT on our Makerbot.  So I scoured Thingiverse looking for various models I could Read More +