Learn How To Can Foods/Jelly

When: Wednesday, February 10, starting at 7pm. Fee: $7. The cooking portion will be done ahead of time at home so the class will only show the canning process itself. Start to finish the process is three or more hours, but most of that time will be spent waiting for the pressure canner to cool off enough to open. Actual class time is probably closer to 1.5 or two hours. We will start with the water bath canning for a jelly followed by the pressure Read More +

Routers, Trigonometry and Laser Cutters

You probably asked all of your math teachers “when and I’m going to use this stuff?”. Well that day is today. NESIT has a hand router that is missing the base plate. The base plate allows the router to smoothly slide across a piece of wood without getting hung up while also providing a sturdy base for the user to hold the router. NESIT has the technology available to make a replacement. Here’s how it’s done… and guess what, it includes some fun math! We’ll Read More +

Recycled Laptop Becomes Linux Media Server

I cut my cable service quite a while ago. I have no regrets for sure. There are a few shows that I dig so I just download those, throw them on a flash drive and walk that drive over to plug it into my WDTV media streamer. It works but it’s annoying. I could stream it from my computer but even though the WDTV is connected via ethernet, my laptop isn’t and the resulting video is not smooth at all. I decided it was time Read More +

WIFI Playground – Whitehat Wednesday

Tonight for Whitehat Wednesday @ 7pm we will be playing with some WIFI related toys we just received. Yagi, parabolic, & panel antennas. WIFI Pineapple & Alfa WIFI card. ESP8266 WiFi Module. WIFI cracking programs/scripts. Swing by if you would like to demo them. A few knowledgeable guys will be here for any questions you may have regarding anything WIFI. We will be having another WIFI cracking class in a few weeks so get familiar now with the tools and techniques we will cover.

Dual Monitor Setup Goes Vertical

Sometimes my pal John and I get together to kick butt on a project at his place. The one problem with bringing my laptop over is that I suffer without my dual monitor setup. I could bring a second monitor but Johnny doesn’t have the desk space available for it. Today I had an idea: Don’t put the extra monitor on the side of my laptop, put it overhead! It’ll take up less space and I’ll be able to have dual monitors. That’s a win-win situation. Picking Read More +

Finding and Duplicating Awkward Angles

Nothing beats having the right tool for the job. If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything starts looking like a nail… and that can be hazardous to your project’s health! The word ‘tool’ doesn’t have to mean things like hammers and screw drivers, it can also include Measuring Tools. Measuring Tools are often overlooked but extremely useful and using the right tool for the job is extremely important. For example, you wouldn’t measure the thickness of a piece of paper with a Read More +