Organizing Tools around the Shop.. by 3D Printing!

With tool sorting underway at NESIT it’s a good time to look over the available 3D printed options for making your life a little more organized.  Here’s a few 3D printed parts that are great for when “We’ve just got to get organized“.

Unless you’re in Russia. In which case I’m sure there’s an incredibly melancholy equivalent saying.

Plastics. They’re the future. And in this case the type of plastics you use matters.

For pegboards you’ll want a springy plastic able to take a bit of flexing without snapping like a dry twig. Avoid PLA if you can and run them out with ABS, HIPS, or PETG. The last of which prints okay on an unheated bed.

You’ll have to consult your printer manufacturer if you have any question on if a given plastic filament is suitable for your device. That’s too long a topic for a simple article.

Pictured above are screwdriver funnels created by TwoBraids on Thingiverse.  They work rather well aside from a bit of sagging where the prongs jut out on the top.  That feature might be able to be improved upon and his license will let you take a shot at doing just that if you’re so inclined.

Pegstruder by MGX gives you a way to create custom holders in a regular fashion, such as this standard crimper holder by Inhibit. It’s under a non-commercial license. But it works a treat if you’re cleaning up your own shop and need customized holders.

Other items you might find useful: