Meriden’s Green Opening Featuring NESIT

The city of Meriden is excited to finally be opening the city’s green space park, appropriately re-labeled the Meriden Green, on the 10th of September. Which (as this is written) is this upcoming Saturday!

NESIT will be running a solar panel charging booth created by one of our members as a service to the public to help commemorate this event.

We’ll also have members stopping by at various points during the day to chat about 3D printing, leather working, systems security, metal smithing, electronical engineering, or whatever else it is they’ve been getting up to. Please stop by and say hello or to find out more about the NESIT Makerspace from the folks who make it. We’ll see you there!

Organizing Tools around the Shop.. by 3D Printing!

With tool sorting underway at NESIT it’s a good time to look over the available 3D printed options for making your life a little more organized.  Here’s a few 3D printed parts that are great for when “We’ve just got to get organized“.

Unless you’re in Russia. In which case I’m sure there’s an incredibly melancholy equivalent saying. Continue reading Organizing Tools around the Shop.. by 3D Printing!

Omega2 Wireless SOC

Ever wanted a SOC with 802.11 b/g/n wireless, a bit of memory, and some I/O that isn’t an ESP8266? Then you may be in luck.

Onion, the company behind the Omega SOC has brought together another kickstarter. This time around their System on Chip is further integrated onto a single die and sports 64/128MB of memory saddled up to 16/32MB of storage. Unsurprisingly, they’ve dubbed it the Onion 2.

NESIT will have one of these little wunderkind available to use in our electronics workshop when and if they’re released. Bear in mind that it is kickstarter. But with a previous track record of bringing products to market the odds are good that Onion will have the manufacturing ready to fill their orders.