MAME – Full Size Gaming Arcade

Back when NESIT first opened , one of the first projects we thought about building was a full size MAME Arcade machine. We initially bought the wood but the project was shelved for a bit until Will decided to cut out the design Andrew had found online. He then ordered the buttons and joysticks online.

The project was halfway there, we could play all the arcade games and other video games. The machine was primered and was waiting to get the second round of paint when we were broken into and we lost some equipment. The MAME was once again put on the backburner. When we moved into our new location we also had gained an awesome art teacher, John, as a member. He came up with a design for the machine and started working on getting the machine painted.

This helped to garner interest in finishing the machine. Along with Will and Rich they painted the machine. Will got a coin mech from another new member Gary. Will and Cobey hooked up the coin mech and lighting and Cobey donated some car speakers for the audio. Chris worked on a linux install and configured the MAME software. It was finally finished!