Project Showcase

  • The Full Case

    3D Printing For the Respiratory Conscience

    Keeping your air clean from particulates generated by the 3d printing process with a custom enclosure from Ikea!

  • 20150321_152535

    Bluetooth SNES Controller

    So a few weeks ago I saw a post on Hackaday of a project from Pat, who managed to stuff a bluetooth controller into an old SNES controller. He was using it to play games on his Amazon Fire stick. I had purchased a Firestick when they first came out for $19. I honestly didn’t use it much because I had a Roku already that I used heavily for streaming etc. But I love old school emulators so I wanted to do this project. Unfortunately Read More +

  • chaiselongue

    Woodworking Book

    One of the great features of NESIT’s new space is the 2000sq ft. workshop. I am in the process of writing a book for Timber Press on garden furniture that anyone can build. I am using the woodshop at the NESIT to take step-by-step photos of my building process. Ellen Rose Photography is styling and photographing the final project images. The book’s first section has woodworking instructions and tips for every step of a project: what tools you need to get started in woodworking (it’s Read More +

  • Bitcoin ATM

    Bitcoin ATM

    This Bitcoin ATM is based on the $650 Open Bitcoin ATM with tips borrowed from Feathercoin. Thanks also to Shawn Kimble! My goal was to create an under $200 device used for educational purposes. After inserting $1 the device prints a pre-loaded QR code.  This provides the user with a tangible, while insecure, method of receiving Bitcoin. Most importantly it allows the opportunity to educate someone on the benefits and risks of Bitcoin. Parts List: Arduino Uno – R3 $18.00 Seed SD Card Sheild – $9.99 Read More +

  • pic

    DIY PIC Programmer

    Member Cobey made his own schematic for‘s open source PIC programmer. We held a class to solder these circuit boards together, then learned how to program the chips and write C code for them. By building and using this USB PIC programmer, you can program microchip PIC series of 10F, 12F, 16F, 18F, 24F, 30F. This is also an EEPROM programmer as it supports 12Cxx EEPROM. The hardware is as simple as possible, the current version only contains one PIC18F2550, 4 mosfets, and besides Read More +

  • mame.2

    MAME – Full Size Gaming Arcade

    Back when NESIT first opened , one of the first projects we thought about building was a full size MAME Arcade machine. We initially bought the wood but the project was shelved for a bit until Will decided to cut out the design Andrew had found online. He then ordered the buttons and joysticks online. The project was halfway there, we could play all the arcade games and other video games. The machine was primered and was waiting to get the second round of paint Read More +