Computer Mods

  • mame.2

    MAME – Full Size Gaming Arcade

    Back when NESIT first opened , one of the first projects we thought about building was a full size MAME Arcade machine. We initially bought the wood but the project was shelved for a bit until Will decided to cut out the design Andrew had found online. He then ordered the buttons and joysticks online. The project was halfway there, we could play all the arcade games and other video games. The machine was primered and was waiting to get the second round of paint Read More +

  • Fish Tank

    Mineral Oil Fishtank PC

    So before our move into the new space, one of our old members had made a mineral oil based fish tank. When we were vandalized the fish tank was damaged, essential pushed off the desk onto the floor where it smashed the tank. While cleaning it up I checked the motherboard etc to see if they still worked. They fired up with no issue . So I decided that it needed a new home and brought in a 5 gallon tank from home that wasn’t Read More +