• Bitcoin ATM

    Bitcoin ATM

    This Bitcoin ATM is based on the $650 Open Bitcoin ATM with tips borrowed from Feathercoin. Thanks also to Shawn Kimble! My goal was to create an under $200 device used for educational purposes. After inserting $1 the device prints a pre-loaded QR code.  This provides the user with a tangible, while insecure, method of receiving Bitcoin. Most importantly it allows the opportunity to educate someone on the benefits and risks of Bitcoin. Parts List: Arduino Uno – R3 $18.00 Seed SD Card Sheild – $9.99 Read More +

  • sms1

    CarDuino – Cellular Car Alarm

    Due to my car getting broken into 2 times in the past few weeks, I decided to use the opportunity to make a project out of it. One of our members had bought a Seeed Studio GPRS Arduino shield last year for a project but it was sitting around collecting dust so I asked him if i could borrow it. The device uses an unlocked SIM card to send out sms text messages. (Can also be used for voice and data too). I worked with Read More +

  • Arduino RFID

    RFIduino – Arduino Access Control

    This is a demo of the Arduino-powered RFID door Will made for our old space back in 2010. We installed for members to gain entry using their RFID card so we didn’t have to give everyone keys.