FireTV with Arcade Emulator and Qi Rechargeable Bluetooth SNES Controller

So a few weeks ago I saw a post on Hackaday of a project from Pat, who managed to stuff a bluetooth controller into an old SNES controller. He was using it to play games on his Amazon Fire stick. I had purchased a Firestick when they first came out for $19. I honestly didn’t use it much because I had a Roku already that I used heavily for streaming etc. But I love old school emulators so I wanted to do this project. Unfortunately Read More +

WIFI Cracking 101

For the next Nutmeg InfoSec meetup, we will be teaching a beginner’s class about wireless penetration testing. When: March 18, 2015 7pm Part 1: We’ll be exploring multiple ways and techniques to both penetrate, spoof, and own wireless networks from both the AP side and the client side. Using open source tools like Wifite, Reaver, aircrack, kismet and more… Part 2: We’ll talk about techniques to detect and mitigate the attacks from the first part. So if you would like to be hands-on during this Read More +

Learn To Cut Your Electricity Bill!

WHEN: Thursday, February 12, 2015, 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM WHERE: NESIT Learning Center, 290 Pratt Street, Meriden, CT By now you’ve probably received your latest electricity bill and said “what the hell!”. The recent rate hikes are significant and will have you thinking twice about how you use electricity. Come and join us and find out how you can save money on your electricity bill. We’ll start with the basics, explaining the concepts of volts, amps and watts and show you how electricity usage Read More +

3D Printed Poseable Robot

Saw a cool jointed robot featured on by Shira, and thought I’d try to print one out and assemble it. Shira’s a graphic designer by trade and a sculptor that likes create articulated dolls. Her design stuck out because it was cute and secondly designed for some of the parts (arms and neck) to be moveable with a single print run. The directions were pretty straight forward, although I had to use rafts and other tricks to get the pieces to print out ok Read More +

Car hacks

My wife’s 2007 Toyota Scion TC had a key  that was slowly breaking apart, the door unlock buttons weren’t working (circuit board was damaged), and the key was becoming separated from the plastic case. Calling the dealership I was told that to replace the key I would need to order a special key (with a transponder), have it cut, reprogram the ignition transponder to her car. Total cost: $220 ( that was even with a part dealer discount… used the name of a friend’s business). I Read More +