How to search twitter based on geo location, geocode, or GPS

Here’s a quick four step process to search twitter based on geolocation. Goto enter an address and click calculate geodata. Copy the latitude (x,y) This will be a number such as 38.7687740,-77.1570900 Open twitter and in the search field enter: “geocode:38.7687740,-77.1570900,1km” without quotes. changing 1km for the radius you’d like to search. All of your results will correspond to the coordinates your search is based on.

Laser Fundraiser

NESIT is looking to acquire a laser cutter for our members and workshops. Our primary goal is to raise $8,100 for an Epilog Zing 16. This is a commercial laser cutter equipped with a 30 watt laser and has a cutting area of 16” x 12”. The chassis is all metal and all components are high-end, ensuring a long service life. Our stretch goal is $10,500. This goal would allow NESIT Inc. to procure an upgrade to the Epilog Zing 16, making the 30-watt laser Read More +

2014 Elections

Thursday 5/1/2014 @ 7:30pm we will be having our yearly board meeting and having elections for our new board member positions. It’s open to the public , so if you would like a good feel for how NESIT works, and like boring jibberjabber then come on down and hang out.

Fix for a Bleeding Heart (On Debian 7)

CVE-2014-0160 or as it’s popularly known (as of today) Bleeding Heart is a problem with versions of SSL between 1.0.1 up to 1.0.1f that revolves around the improper handling of Heartbeat Extension packets.  Long story short: someone could get their hands on your secure keys if it’s left exploitable.  Long story available at and So what to do!  If you’re on Debian update your repositories (generally “sudo apt-get update”) then update openssl with “apt-get install openssl”.  After that you may want to run Read More +

Re-Use Your Scale from

You’ve got a scale. But you’re no longer using their service. Maybe it didn’t agree with you. maybe you decided peeling stamps wasn’t enough time wasted to pay for their service. Maybe you realized it didn’t have any support what-so-ever on your Linux system. Whichever the case may be you can now re-use that scale you purchased for the service. It’s a USB-HID compliant device and erjiang decided to make a quick C program to grab the current weight on the scale and return Read More +