Mitch Altman's: Arduino for Total Newbies workshop

NESIT is excited to announce that Hackerspace luminary and co-founder of Noisebridge . Mitch will be hosting his world-famous Arduino for Total Newbies workshop at NESIT! Learn everything it takes to go from newbie to owning a completed TV-B-Gone. This mythical device has the magical ability to turn off all the TVs within range, through the wonders of Infrared, and you can create one with the guidance of Mitch.

The workshop will cover soldering your board, introductory Arduino programming and finally modifying it in to a TV-B-Gone. Space is limited to 30 people for this workshop. This is a great stepping stone for anyone who wants to get involved with Arduino or microelectronics and who doesn’t know where to dive in, so be sure to sign up ASAP!

The fun starts  Wednesday July 18th from 7-10pm at NESIT Hackerspace (290 Pratt ST Meriden, CT)

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