Will Genovese * founding member
Interested in: computer security, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, data mining, password cracking, programming, partying.

Bio: Used to tinker around with shit when i was younger then lost interest, then coming into computers into my early 20's I dove headfirst into learning all i could about them, now its my career. I finally got back into hardware hacking because it was so much easier to learn stuff from the internet then from trial and error.

Projects: Minipwner TOR, RFPiD Door, PirateBox, RDP poc, BsidesCT2011 & eXcon, BsidesCT2014, Arduino RFID Door, NESIT Website, Mineral Oil PC, MAME arcade, Arduino GSM car alarm, & various classes.

Contact: [email protected]
PGP Key: 0x34698E862253C324
Blog: | | Twitter

William Reyor * founding member
Interested in: Computer Security

Bio: I'm a network security guy and I make things happen. Nesit is my playground where I explore all things technical and digital and share what I know with others.

I hold a number certifications and have high levels of experience securing networks of all types

Current Certification include: NSA - CNSS, Cisco CCNA Security, Microsoft MCP, MCTS: Small business Server 2011 & Server 2008, Apple ACTC, Comptia A+ & Security+, Juniper JNCIA, JNCIS-SEC, JNCIS-ENT, EC-Council Certified Ethical hacker.

Contact: [email protected]
PGP Key: 0x7A054EE006D71F62

Chris Bergeron * founding member
Bio: My youth was taken up working with early C64 era computers, cars, and mudding sheetrock. That all segued rather well into working with Linux on x86 and ARM, software development, mechanics, and more gypsum board engineering. Currently I'm developing a point of sale platform professionally and trying to help build NESIT into whatever it becomes.

At NESIT my projects include such diverse subjects as Linux development, soap making (the cleaning kind), ARM processors, audio/video engineering, and beverage fermenting.

Contact: [email protected]

Cobey Smith
tech skills: electronics, software, iOS development, microcontrollers, PCB design

i've always been interested in electronics and music. most of my projects are music related. i'm an engineer by trade and currently doing freelance work. i like designing and building things, fixing things, learning how things work.

contact: [email protected]

Sherwin Borsuk MD
Semi-retired radiologist living in Meriden Connecticut since 1978. I graduated from Stuyvesant high School, Columbia University and Upstate Medical Center. I am a retired president of Midstate Radiology Associates. I am a member of the board of directors of Masonicare Health Center, NESIT, and the Meriden Historical Society.

I am interested in science fact and fiction, 3-D printing, antiques, and improving Meriden's medical, educational, and economic climate.

Contact: [email protected]

Andrew Peterson
Interested in: Design, development. The order varies from month to month.

Bio: I went to school for Graphic Design but went into IT. Trying to get into development.

Contact: [email protected]

Gary Krancher
Bio: My interests are solar electricity, animation, model making, and electronics. I volunteer for a number of organizations and teach kids about solar energy. You'll find me at the music festivals or camping in the summer.
Contact: [email protected]

Devin Schleidt
Interested in: Electrical Engineering, Algo Trading, Entrepreneurship, Boating, Automation

Devin is an entrepreneur who enjoys inventing, hacking electronics and bringing new products to the markets. He has experience with prototyping and patenting new inventions. For more information on Devin, check out

Contact: [email protected]

John Morfis
Interested in: Web / iOS Development, Electronics, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Fine Art

I’ve always been obsessed with creating things. Originally trained as a fine artist, later an art educator, and then a web developer I have gained a unique perspective for solving problems and developing user experiences. I’m just as comfortable working in a server-side computer language as I am oil paints. For more info about me see my personal website.

Contact: [email protected]

Patrick Tassos
Interested in: Graphic Design, Art, Apple
Since my pre-teen years, I had displayed a bit of a talent for composition and graphic design. I ended up working for a WB-affiliated TV station in Philadelphia. Later I pursued a job at ESPN, where I remain today. For more info about me see my personal website.

Contact: [email protected]

Mike Dews
Interests: InfoSec Blue Teamer, DFIR, building things, photography, hiking

Bio: I was born with legos in my hand. Ever since then I've loved making things or taking them apart. When I am not sifting through log data for attempts to compromise the network, I spend my time hiking and snapping pics. You can read up on my activity at

Katie Jackson
Interested in: retrofuturism, tiny houses, 19th century rural cemeteries, folly architecture, teaching woodworking, community projects, and finding new ways for manufacturing and skilled trades to flourish in the United States.

I graduated from Bennington College with a degree in painting and education, and since then, I've been involved in antiques, cabinetmaking, woodshop teaching, social media marketing, public art projects, furniture making, and now, sensor manufacturing. This year, I'm writing a book on how to make garden furniture for Timber Press. That's what you'll see me doing at NESIT.

Contact: [email protected]

Steve Ross
Interests: Manufacturing, WiFi, stocks, cryptocurrencies, home brewing, lithic technology.

I'm an Anthropologist by education. I enjoy general tinkering as well as making new gadgets. I'm trained in process improvement and have done work at internet start up's and fortune 500 companies. I have a passion for manufacturing and feel most at home in a shop environment.

Projects: Bitcoin ATM, Aquarium PC, various WiFi antennas

Brendan Walker
Social engineering, P2P lending, Home Brewing

Bio: I have been pulling things apart since a young age trying to figure out the iner-workings, only recently have I started to put them back together.

Contact: [email protected]

Richard White
Bio: Coming soon...

Andrew Predmore
Bio: Coming soon...

Neil Morrison
Bio: Coming soon...

Rich Bremer

Bio: Coming soon...

Roman Simanovich
Bio: Founded Panther IT in 2004, Membership Director for ISSA-CT. Recognizing the need to secure networks of all sizes has led to a focus on studying Information Security, and the application of learned skills to secure small to medium sized healthcare, financial, and professional services organizations throughout the state.

Jonathan Columbo

Bio: Coming soon...
Contact: [email protected]

Patrick McLaine
Bio: Coming soon...

Robert Belisle
Bio: Coming soon...

Herman Moreno
Bio: Coming soon...

Mike Staffa
Interested in: Arduino, LED's, Computers, Music, woodworking, painting, and a whole lot of random unrelated things.

Bio: Wow um... not a whole lot to write here I guess... I'm a musically oriented guy with a creative streak. I have an odd obsession with colorful lights and
putting them into everything I make (I dunno, they're cool) I first got interested in computers in middles school, when I helped my brother build his first computer.
Woodworking and my base knowledge in soldering come from my father, the amazing Ham Radio Operator, who has talked to people all around the world without leaving his
room. I guess you could say I followed in his tracks, in a more modern way. I'm now fully into micro-controllers have dabbled in Adafruit's Neopixels, and learned enough
to come up with some interesting ideas. I hope NESIT's knowledge base and amazing members will be able to expand and held those ideas grow.

Projects: Nothing official yet, but (Dog-Tracking-Tracking Laser System, and Wireless/Stand-Alone EL-Wire Suit)
Contact: [email protected]

Eric Paulson
Bio: Coming soon...

Jim Lenart
Bio: Coming soon...