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How do I become a member?



When is a good time to stop by?

Some good times to stop by are:

  • Mon/Wed are open project nights from 7-10PM (and you’re encouraged to bring one, or participate with others)

Why would I want to be a member?

  • Awesome PEOPLE! (From engineers, to woodworkers, to software designers, to machinists, to Infosec professionals & more)
  • 24/7 Unrestricted access to NESIT.
  • Bring up – to two guests with you
  • Workshops and classes are free for members
  • A dedicated secure place to keep your projects
  • 35gb of cloud storage with OwnCloud
  • A virtual machine on our server farm
  • Space to host your own domain
  • A email address and wordpress blog account
  • Your own locker or shelf space
  • Voting rights (You get a say in the direction of the organization)
  • A place to use your powers for good – Involvement in public service
    • Computer basic training
    • Computer refurbishing programs
    • Computer clinics
    • Basic electronic classes
    • Embedded design and programming

What kinds of things does NESIT have?

  • Awesome PEOPLE! (worth mentioning twice, our members are truly the greatest asset at NESIT)
  • Laser Cutter
  • Dedicated electronics bench
  • Various metal and wood working tools including: drillpresses, saws, grinders, CNC, and lathes
  • 3-D printers – Makerbot Replicator 2 , DeltaMaker & RepRap
  • 3-D scanners – AIO Zeus
  • Welding station
  • Public computers
  • Sturdy work benches to host and work on almost any project
  • Business class internet connection
  • Enterprise grade gigabit network driven by Cisco/Sonicwall/Ruckus switches and routers
  • Multiple Soldering stations
  • Access to our extensive library of books
  • Ham station (license required for unsupervised use)
  • 65+ Server database center with NAS and more
  • Access to member research projects and workshops
  • Infosec security research
  • Advanced electronic prototypes and projects
  • PCB layout and design

Where is the application for membership?

After you receive our information packet we’ll have you  complete this member application

How much is membership?

Our full membership rate is $50/mo

For students and prospective members dealing with financial hardship we have reduced rates available which we approach on a personal and case by case basis. For more information please email  [email protected] for additional information.

NESIT has no other external funding, so membership dues provide the money necessary to pay for our rent, heating, electricity, Internet, and Insurance. All of our board members and officers are compensated by the satisfaction they receive building NESIT, and helping others. (We work for free). And like all members, our board and officers also pay dues.

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  1. Alfonso D'Antonio
    May 28, 2015 at 11:17 am

    wish to join a makerspace organization in CT

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