Fixing up donated UPS

So as part of our security beefup, we moved critical items to a battery backup. We got an APC UPS 2200 donated to us, someone had tried to move the device by grabbing the front plate effectively popping off the plastic and ripping the ribbon cable that lead to the front control buttons. Using just a USB header cable from an old computer I was able to desolder the old ribbon cable and solder in the new wires and save this mammoth battery backup from going to the dumpster. Still have to test the lognevity of the battery but for our purposes even it it lasts more than 10 minutes we’ll be fine.

2013-03-20 15.20.13

2013-03-20 15.57.24

2013-03-20 15.55.03

2013-03-20 16.10.52

2013-03-20 16.14.46