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Skyhook Bitcoin ATM

NESIT has acquired Project Skyhook, The Open-Source Bitcoin ATM. By Open-Source we mean free as-in freedom and by Bitcoin ATM we mean Cash in, BTC out. The goal for NESIT is not to make money from the ATM unit. The concept is more community driven, the idea being that if Bitcoin ATMs are widely available for people to use, Bitcoin adoption will proliferate. NESIT hopes to help be a pioneer in the local area to educate people on this fairly new concept. Aside from this Read More +

How to search twitter based on geo location, geocode, or GPS

Here’s a quick four step process to search twitter based on geolocation. Goto enter an address and click calculate geodata. Copy the latitude (x,y) This will be a number such as 38.7687740,-77.1570900 Open twitter and in the search field enter: “geocode:38.7687740,-77.1570900,1km” without quotes. changing 1km for the radius you’d like to search. All of your results will correspond to the coordinates your search is based on.

2014 Elections

Thursday 5/1/2014 @ 7:30pm we will be having our yearly board meeting and having elections for our new board member positions. It’s open to the public , so if you would like a good feel for how NESIT works, and like boring jibberjabber then come on down and hang out.

Fix for a Bleeding Heart (On Debian 7)

CVE-2014-0160 or as it’s popularly known (as of today) Bleeding Heart is a problem with versions of SSL between 1.0.1 up to 1.0.1f that revolves around the improper handling of Heartbeat Extension packets.  Long story short: someone could get their hands on your secure keys if it’s left exploitable.  Long story available at and So what to do!  If you’re on Debian update your repositories (generally “sudo apt-get update”) then update openssl with “apt-get install openssl”.  After that you may want to run Read More +

To Catch a Thief

Due to my car getting broken into 2 times in the past few weeks, I decided to use the opportunity to make a project out of it. One of our members had bought a Seeed Studio GPRS Arduino shield last year for a project but it was sitting around collecting dust so I asked him if i could borrow it. The device uses an unlocked SIM card to send out sms text messages. (Can also be used for voice and data too). I worked with Read More +

Fixing A Broken XBox360

One of our members, Cobey, had a XBox given to him that would boot up but wouldnt show any video. Most of the time you would the notorious red ring of death. This one didn’t have the ring though. He wanted to try to fix it anyhow. One of our other members Gary had brought in a hot air SMD chip remover, so after taking the systemboard out of the case, we injected some flux underneath the chip and slowly started heating up the GPU. Read More +