Learn How To Can Foods/Jelly


When: Wednesday, February 10, starting at 7pm.
Fee: $7.

The cooking portion will be done ahead of time at home so the class will only show the canning process itself. Start to finish the process is three or more hours, but most of that time will be spent waiting for the pressure canner to cool off enough to open. Actual class time is probably closer to 1.5 or two hours.
We will start with the water bath canning for a jelly followed by the pressure canning for a chili. We’ll also show vacuum canning using a brake line bleeder.

In the meantime if you want to get an overview of the practice here’s a pretty good video about it:

WIFI Playground – Whitehat Wednesday


Tonight for Whitehat Wednesday @ 7pm we will be playing with some WIFI related toys we just received. Yagi, parabolic, & panel antennas. WIFI Pineapple & Alfa WIFI card. ESP8266 WiFi Module. WIFI cracking programs/scripts.

Swing by if you would like to demo them. A few knowledgeable guys will be here for any questions you may have regarding anything WIFI.

We will be having another WIFI cracking class in a few weeks so get familiar now with the tools and techniques we will cover.

Nutmeg InfoSec – Breach Investigation


“EHGOpwned.com, or How I Contributed to the Delinquency of the Internet” by @SkeyeLlama.

One of our members will cover an investigation of a breach for one of his hosted websites. In this FREE class he’ll go over response and mitigation outlined in the 6 steps of Incident Response from the SANS GIAC Paper: The Incident Handler’s Handbook and talk through how it happened, why it happened, what happened, and how it can be prevented from happening again.

When: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 – 7:00 PM
More info & Sign-up: http://www.meetup.com/Nutmeg-InfoSec/events/220775870

Open to the public.

WIFI Cracking 101

For the next Nutmeg InfoSec meetup, we will be teaching a beginner’s class about wireless penetration testing.

When: March 18, 2015 7pm

Part 1: We’ll be exploring multiple ways and techniques to both penetrate, spoof, and own wireless networks from both the AP side and the client side. Using open source tools like Wifite, Reaver, aircrack, kismet and more…

Part 2: We’ll talk about techniques to detect and mitigate the attacks from the first part.

So if you would like to be hands-on during this one, bring your laptop and a Kali boot-up or VM. We will have some Alfa Adapters available to buy if you don’t already have one.


$50 includes an Alfa USB WIFI card ($40 Early Bird Special ends March1)

$20 for just the class

Sign up: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/wifi-cracking-101-tickets-15869428889

Woodworking Event with Katie


One of our members , Katie, is writing a book on simple outdoor furniture making, and her editor wants her to have others read her written instructions, build my projects, and give mher feedback on whether they have any questions. The book is written for any skill level, so whether you’ve built something before or not, you can (hopefully) read her instructions (and if you can’t, she wants to hear about it before the book is published). She’ll be at the shop on Monday, December 15 if you want to build one of my projects when she’s there, or if you’d prefer doing it on your own time, that’s great too. Either way, you can pick out what you’d like to build from http://katiejacksonwoodworks.com/book
and email her [email protected] for the instructions and step-by-step photos. You’ll get a list of materials to buy (all the wood is either pine or cedar, usually 1″ thick, which is the softest, most forgiving, and most inexpensive wood– the smaller the project, the cheaper the materials).

Soap Making Class

fight-club-soapWhen: Wednesday December 10th – 7pm
Where: @ NESIT

We’ll be doing it workshop style. If you’d like to bring your own crockpot, protective gear, lye, and oil go ahead and you can make some yourself along with us.

If that all sounds like there’s too much cooking crap up involved just come by… a few members have picked up the stuff and we’ll have an extra rig in case someone’s feeling adventurous. Making soap is mostly avoiding inhaling lye fumes anyway. Once you’ve got a handle on safety and process it’s mostly fiddling the ingredients.

Arduino Class Pre-order

We’ll be starting a new class series on micro-controller programming for anyone interested in exploring the world of software and electronics! We will be pre-ordering the kits and they will take a couple of weeks to be delivery so get your order in ASAP.

The classes will begin at an entry level covering installation and setup, basic input and output, writing simple logic and decision-making code. Then we’ll continue on to read sensors, drive displays and more advanced programming. As long as there is continued interest, we can get more advanced or cover other areas by request.

Anyone signing up for the class will receive a kit including an Arduino UNO and everything you’ll need for the class. The sign-up fee is $40 to cover cost of the kit. Click the link: http://nesit.org/class , or stop by and sign-up in person.

Classes will start sometime in December, pending on delivery of the kits.