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Introduction Starting Wednesday evening at 7:30PM we will kick off a collaborative learning sessions focused around SAMURAI-WTF. We’ll be basing our course around the Justin Searles / Raul Siles opencourseware given at BlackHat conference with many individuals giving presentations and demonstrations on different tools and everyone working on live targets. WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING Laptop with at least two USB ports (three ports preferred) Latest VMware Player, VMware Workstation, VWware Fusion installed. Other virtualization software such as Parallels or VirtualBox will probably work if the Read More +

Security Onion Class

Security Onion is a Linux distro for IDS, NSM, and log management. All in one simple to deploy package. Next Wednesday, 6/25, Roman will walk us through setup and use, and we’ll even fire a few attacks through it to show how attack information is presented. Hope to see everyone there. Class starts at 7:30PM Wednesday

Laser Fundraiser

NESIT is looking to acquire a laser cutter for our members and workshops. Our primary goal is to raise $8,100 for an Epilog Zing 16. This is a commercial laser cutter equipped with a 30 watt laser and has a cutting area of 16” x 12”. The chassis is all metal and all components are high-end, ensuring a long service life. Our stretch goal is $10,500. This goal would allow NESIT Inc. to procure an upgrade to the Epilog Zing 16, making the 30-watt laser Read More +