Press Kit

Press Kit

Press contact: President Gary Krancher

We are located at 290 Pratt ST, Meriden CT

What we do

NESIT is first and foremost a Hackerspace

As Hackers, we prefer to define ourselves as “people who like making new things and exploring how old ones work”. (See also these two essays on what it means to be a “hacker”)

The best time for members of the press and public to visit us at our space is during our weekly meetings, Thursdays at 7:00 PM. These meetings are when most of our Board and membership will be onsite and when the most activity will be happening.

You may also review our calendar of events to see what other workshops/projects might be of interest to you or your readership.

We ask out of courtesy that you first contact us at the press email above before coming to the space. We also ask that you identify yourself as a member of the press to anyone you speak to.

Please note that photography is not allowed in the space without the permission of the people being photographed.

Active Founders

  • William Reyor
  • William Genovese
  • Chris Bergeron
  • Andrew Peterson

Projects List

  • Bedazzler: using instructions from adafruit we intend to build a “Bedazzler” non-leathal disorientation device see:
  • Botnet build – Using virtualization and a segmented network we’re going to build a complete botnet and demo how it’s used and controlled
  • Mame Project – Participants are building an arcade system from scratch –
  • Password Class – Demo and theory of passwords, hashes, and operating system security mechanisms
  • Photoshop – basic uses of photoshop for composting.
  • Track Somebody – How to use online databases, social networks, and public information to find information on any one or any corporation. And how to clean up your own information.
  • Brain Computer Interface (BCI) – We’re going to wire up modified Mindflex module to an arduino and develop an open source EEG
  • RFID Locks & checkout – Using RFID readers we intend to create an access control and library system.
  • PC Refurbishing – Participating members intend to teach computer basics to others by refurbishing older computers and donating them to those in need.
  • Many more planned projects are outlined here:


NESIT in the News:
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